Aminosteril N-Hepa

Aminosteril N-Hepa (Aminosteril N-Hepa)

Composition, structure and packing

Solution for infusion 8%

1 l

amino acids 80 g,

including L-isoleucine 10.4 PM

L-Leucine 13.09 PM

L-lysine monohydrate 9.71 g,

that acc. content of L-lysine 6.88 PM

L-methionine 1.1, the

acetylcysteine 700 mg,

that acc. content of L-cysteine 520 mg.

L-Phenylalanine 880 mg.

L-threonine 4.4, the

L-tryptophan 700 mg.

L-valine 10.08 PM

L-arginine, 10.72 PM

L-histidine 2.8, the

glycine, 5.82 PM

L-alanine 4.64 PM

L-proline 5.73 PM

L-serine 2.24 PM

total nitrogen 12.9 PM

osmolarity of 770 mOsm / l

pH 5.7-6.3

Clinico-pharmacological group: The preparation for parenteral nutrition.

Pharmacological action

Combined preparation is a solution of amino acids, whose composition provides adequate metabolism of patients with liver cirrhosis. Allows you to adjust the amino acid disorders in hepatic failure, as well as significantly improve the tolerance of proteins in patients with cirrhosis of the liver and reduce the severity of symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy. It does not contain carbohydrates and electrolytes. Osmolarity of 5% solution - 480 mOsm / l, 8% solution - 770 mOsm / liter. The solution has acid pH.

parenteral nutrition in patients with hypoproteinemia on the background of marked hepatic failure (including encephalopathy accompanied);
hepatic coma.

Dosage regimen

In / to drip, at a speed of 40-50 drops / min (5% solution) with body weight 70 kg (1.7-2.1 ml / h / kg) or 30-35 drops / min (8% solution) with body weight 70 kg (1-1.25 ml / h / kg).

The maximum daily dose - 18.75 ml / kg (1.5 g amino acids / kg).

Side effect

Hyperacidity of gastric juice, the aggravation of erosive-ulcerative lesions ZhKT.Peredozirovka.

Symptoms: swelling.

metabolism of amino acids,

Pregnancy and lactation

The product is prohibited.


Needed to control water and electrolyte balance, CBS. With prolonged use - prevention of acute erosive-ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract (H2-blockers histamine receptors and / or antacids).

Terms and Conditions of storage

Store in a dark place at temperatures below 25 ° C. Do not freeze.