Pharmacological action:

Antiviral mean, synthetic carbocyclic analogue of nukleozidov. Into a cage abakavir transforms with participation of cellular enzymes in active metabolit karbovir trifosfat. Karbovir trifosfat is the analogue of deoksiguanozin-5"-òðèôîñôàòà (dGTF). Karbovir trifosfat ingibiruet activity of HIV-1 of reverse transkriptazy, that is conditioned a competition with natural substratom of dGTF and violation of his building in viral DNA. Loss 3"-HE groups in the built-in analogue of nukleozida are prevented by forming of 5"- and 3"-fosfornoefirnykh connections, necessary for the elongacii chainlet of DNA. As a result of it growth of viral DNA is halted.


Treatment of Vich-infekcii (in composition the combined therapy).

Mode of dosage:

In combination with other antiviral facilities inward by the grown man for 300 mgs of 2 raza/sut, to the children in age from 3 months to 16 years - for 8 mgs/kg of 2 raza/sut.

Side action:

Often: fever, skin rash, weakness, nausea, vomiting, diareya, stomach-aches, somnolence, myalgia, artralgiya, edemata, shortening of breathing, paresthesias, febricula.

Possibly: lymphadenopathy, conjunctivitis, ulcerous defeats of mucous membrane of oral cavity, makulo-papular rash or hives, increase of activity of enzymes of liver, increase of KFK or kreatinine, lymphopenia.

Rarely: anaphylactic reactions, insufficiency of function of liver, insufficiency of function of buds, hypopiesia.


Enhanceable sensitiveness to abakaviru.

Application at pregnancy and suckling:

Adequate and well controlled clinical researches of safety of application of abakavira at pregnancy and it is not conducted in the period of lactation. At a necessity application at pregnancy it is necessary to weigh the expected benefit of therapy for a mother and potential risk for a fruit. Unknown, whether abakavir is selected with pectoral milk. At a necessity application in the period of lactation it is necessary to decide a question about stopping of the pectoral rearing.

Special pointing:

In the period of application of abakavira the supervision of doctor is required. The presently deferred action of abakavira is not set. It is necessary immediately to abolish at development of allergic reactions of abakavir.