Composition, structure and packing

Solution for injection 1 amp. The bioactive concentrate shallow marine fish (sprat (Sprattus sprattus sprattus), whiting Black Sea (Odontogadus merlangus euxinus), Black Sea shad (Alosa tanaica nordmanni), Black Sea anchovy (Engraulis encrassicholus ponticus)) 100 ml

Excipients: Water d /, and phenol (max. 5 mg / 1 ml).

Clinico-pharmacological group: The drug, which improves the metabolism in cartilage.

Pharmacological action

The drug, which regulates the metabolism of cartilage tissue, chondroprotector. It is a concentrate of bioactive shallow marine fish containing mucopolysaccharides (chondroitin sulfate), amino acids, peptides, ions of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. Alflutop prevents the destruction of macromolecular structures of normal tissues, stimulates regeneration processes in interstitial tissue and tissue of the articular cartilage, which explains its analgesic action.

Anti-inflammatory effect and tissue regeneration based on the inhibition of hyaluronidase activity and normalization of the biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid. These effects are synergistic and cause the activation of metabolic processes in tissues, particularly cartilage tissue, hindering the processes of degeneration.


Effects of extract of marine organisms is the combined effect of its active components, so the study of pharmacokinetic properties is not possible.

primary and secondary osteoarthritis of different localization (including coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, arthrosis small joints);

Dosage regimen

The drug is prescribed for adults.

When poliosteoartroze and osteochondrosis Alflutop injected deep into the / m and 1 ml / day. The course of treatment - 20 injections - 1 injection per day for 20 days.

When a primary lesion of the large joints drug injected into the joint of 1-2 ml in each joint with an interval between injections of 3-4 days.

The course of treatment - 5-6 injections in each joint. Perhaps a combination of V / m and intraarticular injection. The course of treatment is advisable to repeat in 6 months.

Side effect

Rare: dermatitis, itching, redness, burning sensation at the injection site, short-myalgia. Very rare: anaphylactic reaction. In some cases: transient amplification of pain (when intraarticular injection).

Lactation (breastfeeding);
Hypersensitivity to the drug's components.

We do not recommend use of the drug in children because of lack of data from clinical studies in this patient.

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.


In the case of individual intolerance of seafood (sea fish) increases the risk of allergic reactions.


Symptoms: in predisposed patients may be allergic reactions, sometimes severe course.

Treatment: removal of preparation, conduct of symptomatic therapy.

Drug Interactions

To date, drug interactions drug Alflutop not installed.

Terms and Conditions of storage

The drug should be stored out of reach of children, protected from light at temperature of 15 ° to 25 ° C.

Shelf life - 3 years.