Composition, structure and packing

Aerosol for external use only 10% of the foam as a homogeneous mass of white.

1 g mabuprofen 100 mg.

Excipients: dimethyl sulfoxide, cetyl alcohol, estearin Siegert L-2-SM, polyethylene 23 lauryl ether, sorbitana monostearate, monooleate sorbitana, triethanolamine, propylene glycol, polyvidone, benzyl alcohol, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (propelent 134a) purified water. 90 g - aluminum cylinders (1) with a spray of polypropylene and caps - packs cardboard.

Clinico-pharmacological group: NSAID for topical use.

Mechanism of action of NSAIDs for topical use, a derivative of ibuprofen. Inflammatory and analgesic action.

The mechanism of action of the drug is associated with inhibition of COX activity - the main enzyme metabolism of arachidonic acid, which is a precursor of prostaglandins.



For exterior use mabuprofen absorbed, hydrolyzed, and which releases ibuprofen. Systemic bioavailability - up to 18%.

Distribution and metabolism

The binding of ibuprofen to plasma proteins is 90%. In the process of biotransformation formed four metabolites: 2-p-(2-hydroxy-2-metilpropil) phenylpropionic acid, 2-p-(karboksipropil) phenylpropionic acid), 2-4 - (2-gidroksimetilpropil) phenylpropionic acid, 2-4 - (1-hydroxy-2-metilpropil) phenylpropionic acid.


Urinary recovery up to 60%, about 9% - in the form of oxidized metabolites, to 17% - in the form of conjugated metabolites of oxidized, 16% - carboxylated metabolites, 19% - conjugated carboxylated metabolites.

inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system (including rheumatoid arthritis in remission, arthralgia rheumatism, gout / in the complex therapy / psoriatic arthritis, shoulder-scapular periarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis deformans, osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome , radiculitis, neuritis of the sciatic nerve, tendonitis, abscess, bursitis, pain in lower back);
injuries (including sports, industrial, household) without compromising the integrity of soft tissues (including sprains, strains or tears of muscles and ligaments, post-traumatic swelling of soft tissues);
myalgia (including rheumatoid genesis);
superficial phlebitis, periflebit (consisting of combined therapy).

Dosage regimen

The product should be applied to painful areas 2-3 times / day. Aerosol distribute to the painful area, ensuring full absorption foam, gently massaging the area, which caused the drug.

When applying the aerosol container should be kept in an upright position.

Side effect

Rare: erythema, burning sensation at the site of application of the drug. The drug is usually well tolerated.


Hypersensitivity to the drug's components.


In applying the drug should be avoided contact with open wound surfaces and mucous membranes.


For exterior use of the drug Aldosprey in connection with low systemic absorption of the active substance overdose is unlikely. If you accidentally taking the drug inside should consult with your doctor.

Treatment: If necessary, a symptomatic therapy.

Drug Interactions

Not found clinically significant drug interactions Aldosprey with other drugs.

Terms and Conditions of storage

The drug should be stored in a dark place at temperatures not above 30 ° C.

Shelf life - 3 years.