Composition, structure and packing

Solution for i / in the introduction of transparent, colorless or slightly colored.

1 ml.

butilaminogidroksipropoksifenoksimetil metiloksadiazol (proksodolol) 10 mg.

Other ingredients: citric acid, sodium citrate, d / and the water d / and.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Alpha-, beta-blocker.

Pharmacological action

Non-selective alpha-and beta-blocker. Has antihypertensive, antianginal and antiarrhythmic effect refers to antiarrhythmic drugs of Class II. Slows heart rate, dilates blood vessels, reduces TPVR and reduces the minute volume of blood.


Data on the pharmacokinetics Albetor not available.

hypertensive crisis (docking).

Dosage regimen

The drug is introduced into / in the jet or drip.

V / a jet injected at a dose of 10-20 mg (1-2 ml of 1% solution / 10 mg / ml) for 1 min.

If necessary, repeat the introduction at intervals of 5 minutes prior to the development effect.

The maximum dose - 50-100 mg (5-10 ml 1% solution / 10 mg / ml).

In / in infusions at a dose of 50 mg (5 ml of 1% solution / 10 mg / ml) in 200 ml of isotonic (0.9%) sodium chloride solution or 5% dextrose (glucose) at a rate of 0.5 mg (2 ml infusion solution ) in the minutes before receiving a positive reaction.

Side effect

Since the cardiovascular system: bradycardia, excessive lowering of blood pressure, cold extremities, leg bundle branch block, AV-block.

On the part of the digestive system: nausea, dry mouth, stomachalgia.

From the side of the central nervous system: dizziness, headache. Allergic reactions: local or generalized rash, urticaria.

Other: weakness, bronchospasm, increased contractility of the myometrium.

pronounced bradycardia;
AV-block II-III degree;
Chronic heart failure in the stage of decompensation;
cardiogenic shock;
simultaneous reception of MAO inhibitors;
Lactation (breastfeeding);
age of 18 years (effectiveness and safety have not been studied);
Hypersensitivity to the drug's components.

Precautions should be used with AV-blockade of I degree, chronic heart failure, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, diabetes mellitus type 1 (insulin-dependent).

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).


When i / v injection of the drug requires strict control of blood pressure, heart rate, ECG.


Symptoms: marked reduction of blood pressure, bradycardia (runs 10-20 min after the administration), ventricular premature beats, increased symptoms of heart failure, bronchospasm.

Treatment: transfer the patient in position with raised upside down, an oxygen therapy. When bradycardia - atropine sulfate or dobutamine in / may / v introduction of glucagon or epinephrine, holding transvenous pacing.

In marked decrease in blood pressure - in / to the introduction plazmozameschayuschih solutions (in the absence of pulmonary edema) and under the control of blood pressure - vasoconstrictor agent (epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine or dobutamine). If bronchospasm - isoprenaline and theophylline. With heart failure - cardiac glycosides and / or glucagon and diuretics. When ventricular arrhythmia - lidocaine or phenytoin.

Drug Interactions

Other alpha-and beta-blockers increase the hypotensive effect Albetora. With simultaneous application of Albetora with cardiac glycosides, methyldopa, reserpine and guanfatsinom, blockers of slow calcium channels (verapamil, diltiazem), amiodarone and other antiarrhythmics increased risk of developing or worsening of bradycardia, AV-blockade, possible cardiac arrest.

With simultaneous use of the drug with nifedipine, diuretics, clonidine sympatholytic, hydralazine and other antihypertensive therapy may be an excessive blood pressure reduction.

Albetor increases the duration of nondepolarizing muscle relaxants and anticoagulant effect of coumarins.

With the simultaneous use of three-and tetracyclic antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs (neuroleptics), ethanol, sedatives and hypnotics increased the inhibitory effect on the CNS.

With the simultaneous use of MAO inhibitors observed significant increase in the hypotensive action (simultaneous use of contraindicated

Terms and Conditions of storage

The drug should be stored out of reach of children, protected from light at temperatures from 5 ° to 25 ° C.

Shelf life - 2 years.