Pharmacological action

Radiocontrast diagnostic tool that contains iodine. Increases contrast of the image by x-ray absorption of iodine.


Apply for / v and retrograde urography, for angiokoronarografii, as well as for the image contrast of the cavities of the body (CT imaging, hysterosalpingography).

Dosage regimen

The dose depends on the evidence and the applicable dosage form.

Side effect

On the part of the digestive system: nausea, vomiting.

Allergic reactions: urticaria, Quincke's edema, asthma, anaphylactic reactions up to shock and collapse (especially in predisposed patients).

Other: dizziness, erythema, cyanosis, a feeling of heat and pain during injection.


Absolute: severe hyperthyroidism, circulatory failure with signs of decompensation, hypersensitivity to iodine-containing drugs, marked renal and hepatic failure, active tuberculosis and pulmonary emphysema, cardiomyopathy, arterial hypertension, heavy flow, a state of shock and collapse. In acute forms of phlebitis venography is contraindicated.

Relative: cerebral arteriosclerosis, decompensated diabetes mellitus, increased blood clotting, nodular goiter easy flow plasmacytoma, pregnancy, severe general condition of the patient.


For coronary use only 76% solution.