Pharmacological action

Worming agent. Provides a paralyzing effect on nematodes, disrupting the function of the neuromuscular system.


Ascariasis, enterobiasis.

Dosage regimen

In ascariasis take over 2 days to 2 times / day for 1 hour before or after 0.5-1 h after a meal in the following doses: Age patient Single dose
Adults 1.5-2 g
13-15 1.5 g
9-12 1 g
6-8 years 750 mg
4-5 years 500 mg
2-3 years 300 mg
1 year 200 mg

It is also possible applications in a single day: a single dose of 400 mg to 4 grams (depending on age) or 2-fold from 200 mg to 2 g. When enterobiasis used the same dose for 5 consecutive days, spend 1-3 cycles of treatment 7-day break. In the intervals between cycles are encouraged to nominate for the night enema (to remove pinworm from the rectum): adults - from 4-5 cups of water, children - from 1-3 cups of water (with the addition of sodium bicarbonate in 1 / 2 teaspoon per glass of water) .

Side effect

On the part of the digestive system: nausea, abdominal pain.

From the side of the central nervous system: a transient headache. In patients with renal insufficiency drug can cause neurotoxic complications. In case of overdose possible tremor and muscular weakness.


Organic diseases of the CNS, hypersensitivity to piperazine adipatu.


The use of piperazine adipata not require preliminary preparation of patients and the appointment of a special diet. Laxatives grant only a tendency to constipation (in the days of receiving piperazine evening). When treating enterobiasis be strict hygienic regime.