Pharmacological action

Holinomimetik. Is a precursor of acetylcholine. Influenced mainly by cholinergic receptors in the CNS. Glycerophosphate, which is formed during the decomposition of choline alfostserata, a precursor of phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine) membrane of the neuron. Facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses in cholinergic neurons, and improves the plasticity of neuronal membranes and function of receptors.


The acute period of craniocerebral trauma with predominantly stem the level of injury, chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency (discirculatory encephalopathy), syndrome of dementia of various origins, including of Alzheimer's disease, ischemic stroke (early and late recovery period); Gettingtona chorea, senile psevdomelanholiya.

Dosage regimen

Inside: 400 mg 3 times / day, treatment 3-6 months. V / m or / in: 1 g / day.

Side effect

Possible nausea.


Pregnancy, lactation, increased sensitivity to choline alfostseratu.


If you experience nausea, the dose should be reduced.