Pharmacological action

Agents used in respiratory distress syndrome of newborns, is a surfactant of animal origin (from pig lung). Helps stabilize the walls of the alveoli and prevents them sticking together in the late exhalation phase, which ensures the maintenance of adequate gas exchange during the respiratory cycle. Pulmonary surfactant covers the inner surface of the alveoli and lowers surface tension in the lungs.

For intratracheal administration is to fill the deficit and stimulate production of endogenous surfactant in functionally immature lungs of premature children. Surfactant - surface-active agent, which resides in the form of the film at the interface air-liquid in the alveoli of the lungs and regulates the surface tension of a change in their volume. Surfactant maintains alveolar stability of the structure of light by lowering the surface tension in the alveoli with a decrease in their volume on the exhale.

Participates in the exchange of gases and liquids through aerogematichesky barrier, removing foreign particles from the surface of the alveoli, the protection of elements of the alveolar walls from the damaging effect of oxidants and peroxides.


Treatment of respiratory distress syndrome (hyaline membrane disease) in newborn infants weighing more than 700 g.

Dosage regimen

The drug is used intratracheal in intubated children with mechanical ventilation.

Dose was set individually in accordance with the clinical situation.

Side effect

Rare: pulmonary hemorrhage (especially in infants with severe signs of immaturity of the lungs).


Currently contraindications are not installed.


Poraktant alpha may apply only to physicians with experience treating and resuscitating premature babies. Once diagnosed treatment should be started as soon as possible. Apply only if the equipment for artificial ventilation, monitoring the concentration of oxygen in arterial blood, and also provided ongoing clinical supervision for the child.

Immediately after the introduction of alpha poraktanta possible rapid increase in lung compliance, which requires immediate indicators reconfiguration ventilation. Restoration of gas exchange in the alveoli may lead to a rapid increase in the concentration of oxygen in arterial blood is necessary to quickly reduce the concentration of oxygen in the gas mixture to avoid giperoksemii.

After applying poraktanta alpha observed time (from 2 to 10 min) decrease in the bioelectric activity of the brain.