Berlamin Modular

Release form, composition and packing  Berlamin Modular

Nutrient mixture, dry 100 ml ready mix.
3.2 g proteins, including milk protein 50%;
soy protein 50%;
carbohydrates 14.3 g, including dextrose, 400 mg;
lactose, 4 mg;
maltose 2.3 g;
dextrin 11.7 g;
fat 3.3 g, including Saturated fatty acids 1.2 g;
simple unsaturated fatty acids, 1.5 g;
polyunsaturated fatty acids, 700 mg;
Retinol 60 mcg;
kolekaltsiferol 0.7 mg;
tocopherol, 1.5 mg;
9 mg menadione;
thiamine 110 mg;
riboflavin 140 mg;
pyridoxine 110 mg;
cyanocobalamin 0.3 mg;
ascorbic acid 17 mg;
nicotinic acid 1.4 mg;
pantothenate 600 mg;
Folic Acid 18 mcg;
biotin 4 ug;
Sodium 60 mg;
potassium 100 mg;
Calcium 60 mg;
Magnesium 14 mg;
Phosphorus 40 mg;
chloride 90 mg;
iron 1.1 mg;
Zinc 1.1 mg copper;
100 mg iodine;
13 mcg chromium;
5 mg fluoride;
100 mg manganese;
140 mcg molybdenum;
5 mcg selenium;
3 mg choline;
19 mg taurine;
5.5 mg L-carnitine;
1.5 mg inositol;
4 mg Energy value 100 kcal osmolarity of 270 mOsm / l osmolality 320 mosm / kg.

Other ingredients: vegetable oils high in essential fatty acids.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Nutritional formula for enteral tube or oral administration.

Pharmacological action

Nutrient mixture for oral or enteral tube feeding. Is a complete and well-balanced medical food for children over 3 years and adults (including pregnant and lactating women). Specially selected composition of the nutrient mixture allows for the correction of certain parts of metabolism, disturbed by disease or pathological condition.

Features of the chemical composition of the nutrient mixture Berlamin are modular: the ratio of vegetable and milk protein 50:50; lack of gluten, sucrose fatty component of the mixture of 77% presented with polyunsaturated fatty acids (including 50% - linoleic); carbohydrate part presented carbohydrate, mostly oligosaccharides - dextrin (82%) and disaccharide maltose (15%), the presence of all essential macro-and micronutrients (including iodine, iron, zinc, copper, fluorine, chromium, manganese, selenium, molybdenum), the presence of composed of all nine water-soluble and 4 fat-soluble vitamins included in the mix as additional modules glutamine, medium chain triglyceride, pectin, L-carnitine and protein module.


The action of the nutrient mixture Berlamin modular is the combined effect of its components, so the holding of the kinetic observations is not possible, all the components together can not be traced with the help of markers or bio-research. For the same reason it is impossible to detect and metabolites of the drug.


Conditions in which food intake is not possible:
due to violations of swallowing and chewing (stroke, trauma, dysphagia);
mechanical violation of the passage of food (trauma, tumors, obstruction of the esophagus);
prolonged loss of consciousness (head injury);
early period after operations on digestive organs.

Denial of food intake:
in severe forms of depression;
with anorexia.

Catabolic states:
severe burns;
infections of various origins (including tuberculosis, sepsis, AIDS);
multiple injuries;
severe trauma and injury (including injury to the abdominal cavity);
malignant neoplasms, particularly during radiation and chemotherapy;
burns and radiation sickness, radiation enteritis;
celiac disease (gluten enteropathy);
liver and pancreas;
organ (respiratory, heart, kidney, liver), and multiorgan failure.

Conditions requiring reduction of gut contents:
intestinal fistula;
operations on the digestive tract;
short bowel syndrome.

Pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding). Frequent and prolonged exercise. Periods of growth in children (except infants). In geriatric practice (in patients over 65 years).

Dosing regimen

Nutrient mixture Berlamin modular can be used orally as a drink, when feeding through a tube and as a supplement to the basic diet.

In appointing the nutrient mixture Berlamin modular as a staple food is necessary to calculate the needs of the patient in the major nutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and energy, and then determine the required daily amount of the nutrient mixture. Usually, nutrition should be from 300 to 500 grams of mixture per day.

In appointing the nutrient mixture Berlamin modular as a supplement to the basic diet the average daily intake of 100-200 g of the mixture. In the first half of pregnancy to designate a mixture of 50-100 g per day, during the second half of pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding - a mixture of 100-150 grams per day.

Rules for mixing

To obtain 100 ml ready to use a mixture of caloric kcal/100 100 ml should be emptied into a glass container, or 30 grams of powder (2 tablespoons) and pour 100 ml boiling water, heated to a temperature of 30-50 ° C, then carefully stir (preferably with a mixer ).

Side effect

In the application of the nutrient mixture Berlamin modular in indications and recommended doses, side effects were found.

intestinal obstruction;
hepatic coma;
acute pancreatitis (destructive phase);
gastrointestinal bleeding;
violation of the digestion of fats (lack of bile acids and lipase);
increased sensitivity to the proteins of cow's milk and soy.

Pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation can be applied when indicated.

Use in hepatic dysfunction

Contraindicated in hepatic coma.


Nutrient mixture Berlamin modular can be used as an additive to various dishes. The powder can be added to soups, purees, sauces, cottage cheese. In violation of tolerance apply only if there is careful control of metabolism.


Cases of overdosage have not been described.

Drug Interactions

Data on drug interactions nutrient mixture Berlamin modular not given.

Conditions and terms of

Nutrient mixture should be stored in a cool dry place. Shelf life - 2 years.