Aciclovir Hexal

Release form, composition and packing Aciclovir Hexal 

Cream for external use only 5% of white or nearly white, uniform.

1 g of acyclovir, 50 mg.

Other ingredients: macrogol and fatty acid ester (arlaton 983S), dimethicone 350, cetyl alcohol, petrolatum white, liquid paraffin, propylene glycol, purified water.

Clinico-pharmacological group: antiviral drugs for external use only.

Pharmacological action

Antiviral drug - a synthetic thymidine nucleoside analogue. In infected cells containing a viral thymidine kinase, is phosphorylation and conversion to acyclovir monophosphate. Under the influence of guanylate monophosphate is converted to acyclovir diphosphate and under the influence of several cell enzymes - a triphosphate. High selectivity and low toxicity to humans due to a lack of necessary enzymes to form acyclovir triphosphate in intact cells of microorganism. Acyclovir triphosphate, incorporating into "a synthesized virus DNA, blocking replication of the virus. Specificity and very high selective actions are also due to its preferential accumulation in cells infected with herpes virus. Vysokoaktiven against Herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles (Varicella zoster); Epstein-Barr virus (viruses are listed in ascending order of magnitude of the IPC acyclovir). Moderately active against CMV. Herpes prevents the formation of new elements rashes, reduces the likelihood of cutaneous dissemination and visceral complications, speeds up the formation of crusts and reduces pain in the acute phase of herpes zoster. Exerts immunostimulatory effects.


Cream and ointment for external use
Herpes Simplex skin and mucous membranes,
genital herpes (primary and recurrent)
localized zoster (auxiliary treatment).

Ophthalmic Ointment
herpetic keratitis

Dosing regimen


Cream or ointment applied to affected areas 4-6 times a day (as soon as possible after the onset of infection).

It is important to start treatment of recurrent infections during the prodromal phase or at the very onset of infection.

Duration of treatment - at least 5 days, maximum 10 days.


Eye ointment squeezed tape 1 cm long and laid in lower conjunctival sac 5 times a day (every 4 hours).

Treatment continued for at least 3 days after healing.

Side effect

For external use - pain, burning, itching, skin rash, vulvitis. When applying eye ointment - a burning sensation at the site of application, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, superficial keratopathy.


C care. Pregnancy, lactation.

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug is administered with caution.


Cream for cutaneous application should not be applied to mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, eyes and vagina.

Acyclovir ointment is effective for preventing recurrences of herpes lips.

Efficacy of treatment will be higher than before it started (at the first sign of infection).

To realize the therapeutic effect of acyclovir has a value of the state of the immune system.

Patients with immunocompromised (HIV / AIDS or after bone marrow transplantation) due to topical ointment acyclovir should be given the systemic administration of the drug, as well as in the case of severe and recurrent herpes infection. 1.25 cm strip of ointment should be applied to a 25 square centimeter of affected skin.

To prevent autoinokulyatsii on other areas of the skin should use finger cots or rubber gloves.

Acyclovir does not prevent transmission of herpes infections, so the period of treatment must abstain from sexual intercourse, even in the absence of clinical manifestations.


Symptoms: headache, neurological disorders, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, renal failure, lethargy, convulsions, coma.

Treatment: maintaining vital functions, hemodialysis.

Drug Interactions

When mixing the solutions must be considered alkaline acyclovir for iv injection (pH 11). Enhancement of the effect seen with concomitant administration of immunostimulants. Blockers slow the excretion of tubular secretion of acyclovir, administered iv (an increase of T1 / 2 by 18%).

Conditions and terms of

Stored at a temperature of 8-25 ° C.

Shelf life - 3 years.