Benfogamma 150

Release form, composition and packing Benfogamma 150 

Dragees white color and shiny, round, biconvex.

1 pills benfotiamine 150 mg.

Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, povidone (K30), glycerides of fatty acids, colloidal silicon dioxide, karmelloza sodium, talc, shellac, sucrose, calcium carbonate, acacia powder, corn starch, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, anhydrous, macrogol 6000, glycerol 85% , polysorbate 80, beeswax mountain glycol.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Fat-soluble form of vitamin B1.

Pharmacological action

Pharmacotherapeutic group - a means to regulate metabolic processes. Vitamin preparation.

Benfotiamine has a B1 vitamin activity. Involved in carbohydrate metabolism (as a coenzyme) helps normalize nervous system functions.

hypovitaminosis and vitamin deficiency of vitamin B1. In the combined therapy of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, chronic circulatory failure, viral hepatitis, dermatosis, functional disorders of the nervous system.

Dosing regimen

Before use, check with your doctor. To 1 tablet once a day with plenty of fluids.

The treatment course of 15-30 days. Repeated courses of 2-3 months (on doctor's advice).

Side effect

Possible allergic reaction (hives, itchy skin).

hypersensitivity to components of the drug.


Side effects occur more frequently in menopausal women and patients with chronic alcoholism.

The daily need for vitamin B1 for men - 1.2-2.1 mg for the elderly - 1.2-1.4 mg for women - 1.1-1.5 mg for children - 0.3-1.5 mg.


Information about the overdose was not provided.

Conditions and terms of

Keep out of reach of children at or above +25 C. Shelf life - 5 years.