Pharmacological properties: Trivalumen - combined herbal drug whose action is due to synergistic properties of its components. Esters boras and isovaleric acid, which are contained in Valeriani, reduce the excitability of the CNS, tension and irritability with mental overload, often sedatives, hypnotics, antispasmodic properties. In addition, the complex Phyto biologically active substances of Valerian has a choleretic effect, enhances the secretory activity of glands mucosal gastrointestinal tract, slowing heart rate, increases the coronary vessels of the heart. The activity of hop cones is due to volatile oil and bitter resins, which contain a bitter substance (humulone present, lupulon and aliphatic alcohols, turpentine), fitontsidnymi substances, vitamins B and C, tocopherols, and the substances detected estrogenic effect. They stimulate the appetite, improve bile flow, have a diuretic effect, has a calming effect during a state of agitation and insomnia, have anti-inflammatory effect. The drugs of hop cones associated with lupulinom, which has a calming effect on the CNS. Flavonoids, hormones and vitamins contained in the plant, cause boleuspokaivayuschie properties of hop cones.

The pharmacological effect of peppermint is related mainly with menthol, as well as terpenes, tannins, bitter substances and organic acids. Components of peppermint often anesthetic, astringent, antiinflammatory effects, reduce the manifestations of nausea, gently stimulating the secretion of digestive glands and liver, increase appetite, normalizes motility.

Watch trifoliata by the bitter glycoside compounds, flavonoids increases gastrointestinal secretion, improves digestion, stimulates appetite, and normalizes intestinal motility, has antihypoxic and antioxidant effect.

The drug does not cause dependence, does not inhibit psychomotor function, does not degrade performance.

Pharmacokinetics not installed.

Indications: insomnia due to nervous and mental fatigue; cardiopsychoneurosis with tachycardia, false angina and hypertension, decreased appetite.

USE: Adults and children over the age of 12 years prescribed 1 capsule 2-3 times a day during the initial form of insomnia - 1 capsule for 1-1,5 hours before bedtime. Duration of treatment is 7-15 days. The course of treatment can be repeated after 10 days.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, hypotension, depression, drowsiness, gallstone disease.

SIDE EFFECTS: The drug is well tolerated, but with an increase in the recommended doses may cause lethargy, depression, weakness, decreased performance, concentration, hypotension, drowsiness.

Cautions: should not exceed the recommended dose. Not recommended for use in the management of vehicles and working with machinery; during pregnancy and lactation, children under the age of 12 years.

INTERACTION: drug may potentiate the effect of sleeping pills, antispasmodic, hypotensive drugs of central action, tranquilizers, neuroleptics, and alcohol.

OVERDOSE: manifested by drowsiness, weakness, apathy, lethargy, dizziness, decreased blood pressure. When these reactions should repeal drug.

Storage: Store in a dry, dark place at temperatures not above 25 ° C. Shelf life - 2 years.