Bismuthate tripotassium dicitrate

International name:
Bismuth tripotassium ditsitrat (Bismuthate tripotassium dicitrate)

Group Affiliation:
Intestinal antiseptic and astringent

Description of the active substance (INN):
Bismuth tripotassium ditsitrat

Dosage form:
tablets, coated tablets

Mode of action:
Antiulcer vehicle with bactericidal activity against Helicobacter pylori, also possesses anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. At pH 4 and below (gastric juice), the insoluble precipitate of bismuth oxychloride and citrate, chelate compounds are formed with the protein substrate (insoluble protective coating at the site of ulcer). By increasing the synthesis PgE, which increases mucus and bicarbonate secretion, stimulates the activity of cytoprotective mechanisms. Leads to accumulation of epidermal growth factor in the area of the defect. Reduces the activity of pepsin and pepsinogen. Improves the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Increasing production of mucus, mucosal resistance to the effects of pepsin, HCl and enzymes.

Peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer (in acute), chronic gastritis (including associated with Helicobacter pylori); dyspepsia not associated with organic diseases of the digestive tract.

Hypersensitivity, chronic renal failure, pregnancy, lactation.

Side effects:
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, allergic reactions. With prolonged use at high doses - encephalopathy associated with the accumulation of Bi in TsNS.Peredozirovka. Symptoms: the development of renal dysfunction. Treatment: gastric lavage, the appointment of activated charcoal and saline laxatives drugs, symptomatic therapy, dialysis.

Dosage and administration:
Inside, adults - 120 mg 4 times a day (3 times for 30 minutes before eating and 2 hours after last meal) for children older than 12 years - 2 times a day to 240 mg on an empty stomach (30 minutes before eating), children under 12 years - 120 mg 2 times daily, with a small amount of water (not milk) within 28-56 days, after which it is necessary to make a break for 8 weeks. For the effect on Helicobacter pylori combined with oral metronidazole - 250 mg 4 times daily and amoxicillin 250 mg 4 times a day (with hypersensitivity to amoxicillin tetracycline use - 500 mg 3 times daily) for 10 days.

In the treatment of fecal staining is observed in the black.

For 30 minutes before and after appointment should refrain from eating, antacid drugs and liquids. During the therapy should not eat ethanol. Reduces the absorption of tetracycline. Or combined with other Bi-containing drugs increases the risk of side effects (increase in Bi concentration in plasma). Antacids drugs with local action reduces the effect of bismuth tripotassium ditsitrata.