Pharmacological properties: the main component of the drug - tsiprogeptadina atsefillinat (metopin) - improves the appetite, influencing the hypothalamus. Often, children with decreased appetite identify hypotension or functional insufficiency of the digestive system, so only the center of stimulating hunger may cause a discrepancy between food intake and body's ability to digest and assimilate it. To prevent this product contains carnitine, stimulates secretion of gastric juice and pancreas, and provides optimal conditions for the assimilation of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients.

For a complete assimilation of food grown deep need to ensure optimal performance of enzyme systems. Therefore, the drug is a complex of vitamins (B 1, B 6, B 12), performing the role of coenzymes in metabolism of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates and to facilitate their assimilation at the cellular level.

L-Lysine supplements the formula of the drug, is the basis for the biosynthesis of proteins, has a non-hormonal anabolic action.

Thanks to its balanced composition of the drug improves the appetite and promotes weight gain, while ensuring the harmonious development of the organism.

The drug is well absorbed after oral administration. Data on the distribution in the body and penetrate into the breast milk is not available.

Withdrawal occurs in the urine within 12 hours after ingestion.

INDICATIONS: stimulation of appetite, as a non-hormonal anabalicheskogo means to increase body weight.

APPLICATION: preparing p-ra: Pour the contents of the package in a bottle with p-rom, close the bottle and shake to completely dissolve the powder. Prepared rr fully retains its properties for 1 month. No need to keep cooked rr in the refrigerator.

Dosage: Children aged 1 to 3 years: 2.5 ml 3 times a day, children from 3 to 6 years: 5 ml 3 times a day, and children over 6 years and Adults: 5-10 ml three times a day .

Given the low toxicity of the drug, dosage may be changed by a doctor. The duration of treatment is determined by the physician and depends on individual characteristics and needs of the patient. Can be used for 2 months. It is recommended to take the drug for 30-60 minutes before the main meal.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Allergic reactions to any of the components of the drug.

SIDE EFFECTS: during treatment Trimetabolom may cause drowsiness, the severity of which decreases with decreasing doses of the drug and usually disappears by 3-4-day treatment.

Cautions: use during pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy, the drug can be used only when, in the opinion of the doctor, the benefits of the application exceeds the potential risk to the fetus.

Data on the penetration of the drug in breast milk are not available, but because of the possible risk to the child to make a decision to breast-feed during treatment.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles. Persons performing work that requires high concentration and reaction must be informed of the possibility of drowsiness and weakness.

Interactions: Patients should not drink alcoholic beverages while receiving Trimetabola, since alcohol can potentiate the inhibitory effect on the CNS.

OVERDOSE: If application of the drug in therapeutic doses, and compliance with the proper way to use intoxication is unlikely. In case of overdose neobodimo take measures to accelerate the elimination of the drug from the body: gastric lavage, forced diuresis. Therapy is symptomatic.

Storage conditions: at temperatures below 25 ° C.