What is hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A - is a viral infection of the liver. In most cases it extends itself and causing chronic diseases.Other forms of the virus (hepatitis B and C) also induce hepatitis. 
Hepatitis A - the most common form of the disease.

How is it spread hepatitis A?
This disease is caused by hepatitis A virus, which is located in the stool of infected humans. It is transmitted by the use of food or drinks that are in contact with the infected stool.
Sometimes a group of people can become infected with hepatitis A during a dinner at the restaurant. This can happen if the restaurant worker who is sick with the disease, did not wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet and started cooking.
This disease can also be spread in day care centers for children, if workers do not wash their hands thoroughly after changing diapers.
Sometimes it is possible to increase the risk of contracting hepatitis A. This can happen if you eat raw oysters and clams are not well progotovlennye. If you are traveling to a country where hepatitis A is a common disease, it can reduce the chances of contracting the disease if you do not use neprogotovlennuyu food and unboiled tap water.

Symptoms of hepatitis A 

Diagnosis of hepatitis A

The doctor asks about symptoms, the food that you ate, and the countries you've visited. If the doctor suspects that you have a virus, it can offer a blood test. It will show if there is inflammation of the liver and hepatitis A virus antibodies These antibodies indicate that you have been exposed to the virus.
Avoid actions that can transmit the virus to others. Tell the people with whom you live, or with whom you have had sexual contact that you have hepatitis A. Wash your hands with soap and water every time you visit the toilet or after changing diapers, and before preparing food.
Hepatitis A goes away on its own. You can speed up the healing process by eating lots of water and healthy food.
Unlike other forms of hepatitis, this form of the disease does not cause chronic liver disease and its serious damage. Most people recover within a few months.
If you have hepatitis A, reduce their activities as long as you do not go back to the force. When you feel better, you can get back to normal life. Do not try to return to usual activities until recovery, as the disease may be exacerbated.
Hepatitis A - a disease you can get sick once. After that, the body produces immunity to it.

Prevention of hepatitis A

You can protect yourself against hepatitis A by getting the vaccine. Vaccination is carried out in two stages. If you get two injections prior to infection, they will be 100% effective. Also available is a combination vaccine against hepatitis A and B.U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccination against hepatitis A in children aged one year.If you know that you are in contact with someone who is ill with hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin injection may prevent infection by the disease. Obtain injected during the first two weeks after exposure to the virus.