Those facing prostatitis?

Prostatitis - is the most prevalent of urologic diseases. At risk are confirmed bachelor, office workers, and men older than 35 years.The only way to protect yourself from unpleasant complications of prostatitis - an annual checkups at the urologist in order to timely detect and treat the disease, and receiving bio-regulators of prostate cancer - natural products that protect against prostate inflammation.

Bachelors in danger.
Great risk of developing prostatitis in men who do not keep a regular sex life. In the prostate are tiny tubules that produce a special secret, which is part of semen. Content is released into the prostate ducts genito-urinary tract during ejaculation. Therefore, the absence of regular ejaculations and erectile dysfunction, ejaculation does not end can lead to stagnation of secretion and the development of inflammation of the prostate gland.

Lot - does not mean good.
However, excessive "faithfulness", especially the frequent change of sexual partner in the health plan also does not bode well - one of the major risk factors for chronic prostatitis - is transferred (and especially untreated) urethritis - a disease transmitted through sexual contact. Among the best known gonorrhea urethritis. However, this disease is so pronounced symptoms that rarely goes unnoticed. However, in recent years, so-called spread nonspecific urethritis, urinary tract inflammation, which are caused by viruses or other microorganisms. Most manifestations of urethritis are less pronounced than for gonorrhea. Therefore, there is a risk that the man did not notice the slight burning sensation when urinating and "pulling" pain in the abdomen, which ultimately will result in chronic urethritis.In addition, non-specific urethritis in women can occur with little or no symptoms and the infection can "pick up" even through unprotected sex with a regular partner.

Office problems.
The probability of getting sick and prostatitis in men, spending much of his time in a sitting position. Today at risk, alas, gets most of the professions, from programmers and office workers to professional drivers. When we sit, blood circulation in the pelvic organs somewhat worse. Over time, this leads to difficulty of venous outflow of blood, swelling and inflammation of the prostate.

Therefore, all men, leading a sedentary lifestyle is useful to do special exercises that improve blood flow to the pelvic organs - should involve the anus muscles, keep them busy for a few seconds, then relax. This exercise should be done every hour for a few dozen times (it would seem that it is almost impossible, but very soon the habit, and the exercises are performed almost automatically.) In addition to the above exercise should not try not to forget about once an hour warm-up for a few minutes.

At risk for prostatitis and men suffering from varicose veins (this is predominantly "female" disease, but occurs in men). Varicose and blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Coffee and Cigarettes
One of the major risk factors for prostatitis - smoking and alcohol abuse, strong coffee and greasy, spicy and fried food. Their decomposition products irritate the genito-urinary tract, increasing the risk of prostatitis.
Keep your feet warm.
Under the threat of men, often gets cold and with chronic inflammation. A constant source of inflammation in the body increases the risk of inflammation of the prostate gland. Furthermore, in the "at risk" are all men aged over 35 years.Bullish prostate and lion heart .
However, the risk of prostatitis can be significantly reduced if from time to time to start taking preventive purposes Bioregulators prostate cancer. This class of pharmaceutical drugs of natural origin (of the active pharmaceutical ingredient - extract from prostate bull), designed for long term use.
Their action is based on the fact that the delivery of biologically active substances from a healthy animal prostate recovers improves metabolism in the human prostate, preventing the development of disease.
We Bioregulators prostate no side effects and contraindications, so they can be used without a doctor's prescription. Such preparations are available in the form of injections and suppositories, it is clear that the prophylactic use should be chosen precisely candles.

For example, candles Prostatilen Zinc addition to extracts from prostate bull contains a complex of zinc and vitamin E. Zinc is vital for the normal functioning of the prostate, helps to maintain the integrity of sperm, increases sex drive. Zinc deficiency leads to impotence, the regression of male sex glands and testes. And vitamin E is essential for the normal absorption of zinc, without a trace element present simply not be acquired in addition has an antioxidant effect, supports the biological activity of sperm. Some types of male infertility is associated with lack of zinc in the diet or problems with his assimilation.

Therefore Prostatilen Zinc has a complex effect on the prostate, effectively preventing the development of inflammation and cancer growth, and at the same time preventing the development, prostatitis often associated sexual dysfunction, as well as used for the prevention and treatment of male infertility.