I notice a decrease in erection - what do I do?

Constantly changing, and not in a positive way, growth statistics the problem of erectile dysfunction, can not remain indifferent doctors. Medical professionals have long been sounding the alarm bell in an attempt to attract men's attention to the fact that the potency problems are not a joke and the highly publicized "horror story." Men's carelessness and specific attitude towards their health complement the already bleak picture.

Doctors are sounding the alarm ...

Continuing studies and surveys conducted among the male population, clearly revealed the dimensions and the danger of erectile dysfunction. Regardless of the place of residence, region, and traditional way of life, erectile dysfunction begin to pursue a growing number of men. This kind of problem can not and should not remain in the shadows, and do not receive adequate coverage. That's why medical practitioners in the field of men's health and have created a web site "UaMen", entirely devoted to men's health. On the resource everyone can get complete and accurate information about intimate issues first hand.

Is the problem of erectile dysfunction so serious?

The problem of erectile dysfunction today touched a huge layer of the male population. Polls confirm the findings of physicians, and point to the fact that almost half of the men anyway faced with erectile dysfunction, such as the fall of its hardness or decrease in the time duration of an erection. As a result - there is a dissatisfaction with their sex lives. And, of course, we should not ignore the latest research on the causes of erectile dysfunction and its impact on the body of men in general. Quite often, the loss of male power is not an isolated problem, and one of the signs of a more serious condition, such as diabetes, cardiovascular failure, atherosclerosis.

Why at the present level of medicine erectile dysfunction is so common?

It would seem, what difficulties may arise in the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction at the present level of development of modern medicine? First, the main problem is always in the plane of the male psychology. The stubborn refusal to accept the fact of men have problems with erection causes the disease that goes into the stage of "neglect" and treat it is much more difficult.Secondly, a lot of bad habits, promotes erectile dysfunction. The most detrimental effect on the potency of tobacco smoking, alcohol, drugs and food high in cholesterol.Third, the failure to comply with the requirements of medical men, especially after surgeries, or neglect to receive the recommendations of pharmacological agents.Fourth, and this is quite tangible and important problem - lack of awareness of the male population. As a consequence, a complete disregard for preventing disease, which complicates the lives of not only the patient, but also the work of a doctor who takes the already "running" event.

What to do?

I want to enjoy the joy of a long intimate relationshipIn more detail, not only on the basic factors of erectile dysfunction, but also with other components of the problem can be found on a dedicated resource "UaMen." Anonymous a consultation and to be informed, and therefore protected. On the Internet site "UaMen" answers given by practitioners, urologists, sexologists, people, every day faced with the problem of erectile dysfunction while taking patients. The most reliable and complete information on the resource, designed to help a man get timely answers and know exactly what should be taken at the first signs of erectile dysfunction.