Healthy eating has become the female value

U.S. company to sell organic products surveyed 1,500 women and received unexpected results: 61% of Americans believe that a healthy body is more important than a healthy relationship.It turned out that now many are paying attention to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, diet include superfoods. The diet took the first place in the list of values ​​in life.It is therefore not surprising that 70% of respondents would be willing to exchange good grades at the child on the correct diet. 60% considered: a healthy diet is more important than saving money. When it came to clothes, 83% to easily choose a healthy body, but not perfect wardrobe. And 54% said they would be better to eat right than have a chance at something in this life.Modern women understand how important it is to eat healthy foods. But it appears that for many it is, almost the most important thing in life.