Prostatitis and impotence

Prostatitis - disease spread almost like a common cold. According to statistics, about 50% of men at least once in life ill with inflammation of the prostate gland. In addition, the disease is quite "unpleasant," one of the most frequent complications of prostatitis - premature ejaculation and potency disorders.

What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis, or simply put, an inflammation of the prostate - is the most common disease of the urogenital system in men. The causes of prostatitis are many: it is an infection caused by bacteria transferred venereal diseases, hypothermia, sedentary lifestyle ... Most prostate arises from a combination of several factors. However, with whatever was associated prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate gland is manifested in the feeling of heaviness and dull abdominal pain and problems with urination, especially in the morning. If, immediately after the appearance of these symptoms, seek medical advice and do not start treatment, prostate can become chronic. After some time, the symptoms subside "by themselves", but fuzzy prostatitis will periodically be felt exacerbations. Furthermore, at this stage of the disease may develop one of the most unpleasant complications of the disease - erectile dysfunction.Prostatitis - the first step to impotence. The most common erectile dysfunction occurs in chronic prostatitis caused by a bacterial infection, but such a complication can occur in any type of prostatitis, regardless of the cause of the disease. According to statistics, from problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction affects up to 30% of men with chronic prostatitis. At that erectile dysfunction in prostate grows gradually, over many years. First, there is a premature ejaculation, then it is added to the actual erection problems, and then emerges and decreased libido - that is sexual activity. There are a number of reasons that contribute to the development of sexual problems in the prostate. The first - the so-called violation of the neuro-humoral regulation. As an erection, and the activities of the prostate is regulated by a complex mix of hormones and nerve impulses in the brain that is involved, and the nerves leading to the muscles and blood vessels of the pelvic organs. Therefore, the violation of the regulation of neuro-inflammation of the prostate gland can "recoil" and erections.
Furthermore, chronic prostatitis in certain cases lead to abnormalities in muscle in the lower part of the pelvis, while participating in erection.
Do not forget about the purely psychological factors. Symptoms of prostatitis such as persistent pain in the lower abdomen and urinary problems can cause fear of failure on the love front, a sense of weakness and old age (which is especially true for men who are experiencing "midlife crisis"), and this, of course, also affects the potency is not the best way. 

Features of treatment

However, whatever was called erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to remember that, regardless of age and the reasons that led to problems with potency, this condition can be cured. The main thing - do not be ashamed to admit to himself in the problem and seek medical advice.
Most often the treatment of erectile dysfunction associated with chronic prostatitis is comprehensive: it is the treatment of the underlying disease, psychotherapy and the appointment of the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors, drugs that cause increased blood flow to the genitals. However, be aware that these drugs have a number of dangerous side effects, so they can be taken only on prescription in the recommended doses it! Very well established as the treatment for erectile dysfunction associated with chronic prostatitis, and so-called Bioregulators prostate cancer, such as candles Prostatilen Zinc. The main advantage of this tool is that the main active ingredient of the drug - Prostatilen (this extract from bovine prostate) combined in a complex with zinc and vitamin E itself has prostatilen Organotropnye effect on the prostate gland, improves microcirculation, has anti-inflammatory action. Zinc - is a trace mineral that is vital for maintaining potency and normal semen quality (not for nothing that a suspected male infertility is one of the first analyzes of the concentration of zinc in semen). Zinc prevents the development of good and malignant processes in the prostate gland, helps to preserve the integrity of the sperm increases the sex drive is a factor of the immune defense. Zinc deficiency leads to regression of the male sex glands and testicles, reduced sperm count and other abnormalities. Therefore, problems with potency that is often associated with lack of zinc in the diet.
A vitamin E is needed for normal digestion of zinc - zinc without it just does not learn. In addition, Vitamin E maintains biological activity of spermatozoa.
Thus Prostatilen Zinc treating erectile dysfunction in a complex: it eliminates the causes associated with prostatitis, and contributes to improving the overall potency.
By the way, the very creation of this drug is associated with the legend. Prostatilen Zinc was developed in the late 80s. in the Leningrad Military Medical Academy, a scientific institution, which in those days were collected the best physicians of the country. It was found that the combination of extracts from prostate bull with zinc and vitamin E acts much better than just one hood. At the time, the collapse of the country is not allowed to start production of military development, and only today Prostatilen Zinc production was set up at the Kharkov plant "Lekhim." However, since the development of the past years, the drug did not prevent Prostatilen-Zinc to become one of the most reliable and safe for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.