Deanol aceglumate

International name:
Deanola atseglumat (Deanol aceglumate)

Group Affiliation:

Description of the active substance (INN):
Deanola atseglumat

Dosage form:
solution for oral

Mode of action:
Nootropic drug, on chemical structure similar to natural metabolites of the brain (GABA, glutamic acid). Has tserebroprotektornoe action, restores mental alertness, improves learning, easier processes for capturing, consolidating and play a memorable track. Stimulates tissue metabolism, increases the amplitude transkallozalnogo capacity, improve the organization of the basic rhythm of EEG and smooths the hemispheric asymmetry. Has a positive effect in neurotic states in elderly and senile, developed in the presence of organic insufficiency of the brain in alcohol-withdrawal syndrome.

Astheno-depressive states (border states psychoorganic syndrome, schizophrenia, alcoholism), Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (correction of mild and severe forms); abstinent alcohol syndrome (with a predominance of asthenic disorders and somatovegetativnyh); intellectual mnestic violations, psychosomatic disorders, recovery period after transferred TBI, cerebrovascular disease (especially in elderly and senile).

Hypersensitivity, infectious diseases, CNS, feverish condition, blood diseases, psychotic conditions, renal and / or hepatic impairment, epilepsy, pregnancy, lactation.

Side effects:
Allergic reactions, headaches, sleep disturbances, constipation, weight loss, itching in some cases - Depression (elderly people). Overdosage. Symptoms: increased side effects. Treatment: removal of preparation, method of activated carbon. If necessary - to be hospitalized.

Dosage and administration:
Inside, 1 g (1 ch.lozhka) 2-3 times daily, last admission - no later than 16-18 hours on average daily intake for adults - 4-6 g, for children - 0.5-2, the maximum single dose - 2 g, the maximum daily dose - 10 g, duration of treatment - 1.5-2.5 months, 2-3 times a year.

During the period of treatment must be careful when driving and other lesson potentially dangerous activities which require high concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions.

Perhaps reinforcing the drugs that stimulate the central nervous system.

Description Demanol product is not intended for purposes of treatment without the participation of a physician.