Pharmacological properties: The antiulcer drug. Has Cytoprotective effect. In an acidic medium De-Nol formed on the surface of ulcers and erosions of the protective film, which contributes to their scarring and protects from the effects of gastric juice. De-Nol stimulates the synthesis of prostaglandin E 2, stimulates the secretion of mucus and bicarbonate ions, leads to the accumulation of epidermal growth factor in the area of the defect, reduces the activity of pepsin and pepsinogen. In addition, De-Nol has a bactericidal action against Helicobacter pylori - a microorganism that contributes to the development of chronic gastritis type B and peptic ulcers.

Bismuth subtsitrat practically not absorbed in the digestive tract, only a small amount of bismuth can enter the systemic circulation. Bismuth, enters the blood, excreted in the urine, and its concentration in blood plasma after treatment rapidly decreases. De-Nol is derived mainly from the feces.

INDICATIONS: Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, including those associated with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori in the schemes of therapy), chronic gastritis and gastro exacerbation, including those associated with Helicobacter pylori; functional dyspepsia is not caused by organic diseases of the digestive tract erosive-ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenal ulcers caused by NSAID intake; syndrome irritable colon that occurs with diarrhea.

USE: Adults and children over the age of 12 years prescribed 1 tablet 4 times a day for 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner and the 4-th time before going to bed or 2 tablets 2 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. The tablet is drunk 1-2 sips of water (not milk).

Children aged 8-12 years, appoint 1 tablet 2 times a day for 30 minutes before meals, 4-8 years - with a dose of 8 mg / kg / day, the daily dose is divided into 2 admission. Accepted 30 minutes before eating.

Therapy is carried out within 4-6 weeks. If necessary, it can be extended to 8 weeks, then make a break for 8 weeks, during which it is not recommended to take other drugs containing bismuth.

If you find a patient persistence Helicobacter pylori is expedient to combine medication De Nolom 1 tablet 2 times daily in combination with oral clarithromycin 500 mg 2 times a day, with amoxicillin (Flemoxin solutab) 1 g 2 times a day for 7 days.

If necessary, appoint quadrotherapy: with De Nolom of 120 mg 2 times a day recommended to assign tetracycline 500 mg 4 times daily, metronidazole 500 mg 3 times daily in combination with a proton pump inhibitors (omeprazole, lansoprazol, rabeprazole or esomeprasol) in the standard therapeutic dose.

Duration of combination therapy - 7-14 days. To improve regeneration in ulcerative defect can be further treated De Nolom: 1 tablet 4 times a day for 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 4 th time - before bedtime. The total duration of treatment De Nolom - up to 6 weeks (no more than 8 weeks).

Contraindications: severe renal dysfunction.

SIDE EFFECTS: possible nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rarely - skin rash, itching.

Cautions: formed by the reception of De-Nol bismuth sulfide can be painted stool in black color. Such a change can be easily distinguished from the feces mixed with blood.

For 30 minutes before and after taking the drug should not eat milk and antacid drugs, because the presence of gastric juices necessary for the formation of a protective layer.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended to use the drug.

INTERACTIONS: When the joint application of De-Nol reduces the absorption of tetracycline.

With simultaneous application of De-Nol with other medications containing bismuth, increasing the risk of increasing the concentration of bismuth in the blood.

OVERDOSE: If frequent the drug in high doses may develop symptoms of reversible dysfunction of the liver, raising the level of bismuth in blood serum. Therapy is symptomatic.

Storage conditions: at a temperature of 15-25 ° C.