Glutamyl-Cystinyl-Glycine disodium

Trade name:

International name:
Glutamyl-cystine-glycine disodium (Glutamyl-Cystinyl-Glycine disodium)

Group Affiliation:
Immunopotentiating tool

Description of the active substance (INN):
Glutamyl-cystine-glycine disodium

Dosage Form:

Mode of action:
Immunopotentiating tool affects the intracellular processes of thiol exchange. The mechanism of action related to the influence on redox-state cells. And systemic immunomodulatory Cytoprotective action is determined by the new level of redox systems and the dynamics of protein phosphorylation in key signal-transmission systems and transkriptatsionnyh factors (NFkB and AP-1), primarily immunocompetent cells. Have different impacts on the normal (stimulation of proliferation and differentiation) and transformed (induction of apoptosis - genetically programmed cell death) cells. It has high tropic to the cells of the central organs and immune system, lymphoid tissue, strengthens the processes of erythropoiesis, lymphopoiesis and granulocyte-monocytopoiesis; activates the phagocytosis (including in immunodeficient states), the recovery in the peripheral blood levels of neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, and functional activity of tissue macrophages. Has a stimulating effect on the cascade mechanism of phosphate modifications of the main protein signal-transmitting systems is the initiation of cytokines (including endogenous production interleykina1, interleykina6, TNF, erythropoietin), playback effects interleykina2 through induction of expression of its receptors.

Secondary immunodeficiency states associated with radiation, chemical and infectious factors (prevention and treatment); restoration of immune responses and bone marrow hematopoiesis, increase resistance to a variety of pathological influences - infectious agents, chemical and / or physical factors (including intoxication, radiation), viral hepatitis (B and C), COPD (effectiveness of antibacterial therapy), prevention of postoperative septic complications.

Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation.

Side effects:
Subfebrilitet, tenderness at the injection site (perhaps with the introduction of 1-2 ml of 0.5% procaine solution).

Dosage and administration:
B / B, / m, n / k of 5-30 mg (depending on the nature and severity of the disease) every day. The course of treatment - 10 days, if necessary repeat after 1-6 months. To prevent designate a / m 5-10 mg / day.

To reduce pain n / a and i / m injection is introduced into the same syringe with 0.5% solution of procaine (1.2 ml).

Pharmaceutical compatible with water-soluble drugs.