International name:
Triamtsinolon (Triamcinolone)

Group Affiliation:
Glucocorticosteroids for local use

Description of the active substance (INN):

Dosage form:
cream for external use, ointment for external use

Mode of action:
Fluorinated GCS has a marked anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antiexudative action. Interacting with a specific protein receptor in target-tissues, regulates the expression of genes kortikoidzavisimyh and thus the effect protein synthesis. Reduces the formation, release and activity of inflammatory mediators (histamine, kinins, Pg, lysosomal enzymes). Suppresses migration of cells to the site of inflammation, reduces vasodilation and increased vascular permeability in inflammation. Stabilizes lysosomal enzymes membranes of leukocytes, inhibits the synthesis of antibodies and violates the recognition of antigen. Hinders release interleykina1, interleykina2, interferon gamma from lymphocytes and macrophages. Induces the formation of lipokortina, inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators and eosinophils stabilizes the membrane of mast cells. All these effects are involved in suppressing the inflammatory response in tissues in response to mechanical, chemical, or immune injury.

Simple and allergic dermatitis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, diffuse neurodermatitis, psoriasis, granuloma annulare, lichen planus, simple chronic lichen (restricted neurodermatitis), toksidermiya, keloid scars, alopecia areata, a complete alopecia, insect bites.

Hypersensitivity, bacterial, viral and fungal skin diseases, pregnancy.

Side effects:
Itching, skin irritation, contact eczema, steroid acne, purpura. Prolonged use - the development of secondary infectious lesions and atrophic changes of the skin.

Dosage and administration:
Skin of: treated with 0.1% cream or ointment, after achieving the therapeutic effect of switching to 0.025% ointment to the gradual lifting 2-3 times a day gently rubbing a small amount of cream or ointment. Ointments with occlusive dressing for lihenifitsirovannyh manifestations. Cream - with weeping and acute inflammatory skin lesions, as well as in places of its transition to the mucosa and in natural folds. The course of treatment - usually 5-10 days, with persistent flow - up to 25 days is not recommended to use more than 4 weeks.

Do not use on large surfaces, avoid prolonged use in children regardless of age. For the prevention of local infectious complications may be used in combination with antimicrobial drugs.